Kin Ball in School


Why Kinball? 

  • Regardless of ability you have equal involvement

  • Unique method of engagement for physical activity

  • Suitable for players with disabilities

  • Girls & boys can play on the same team

  • Instils cooperation, team spirit and leadership

  • Can be played in or outdoors

  • Sport for KS 2 upwards / range of inclusive games from foundation stage

  • Suitable for those who don’t like conventional sports

  • No team can dominate, all have an equal chance

  • No special skills required

  • Over 100 squat lunges carried out in any one game

  • Helps develop sportsmanship & honesty

Primary School

Kinball for primary schools is fantastic, the ball is so unique it engages pupils straight away. Our range of games and schemes of work provide levels of high activity for every age group. at foundation and KS 1 there are a multitude of games and physical active’s you can do with the ball. At KS 2 we recommend you start to play the sport of Kin-Ball as well as other games. 

Kin-Ball is perfect for inclusion. Where other sports enable or exclude the individual because of size and ability. Kin-Ball is for everyone and the team can only achieve successes when they work together.

Secondary Schools

Traditional sports can polarise a PE or games lesson, there are many barriers to PE. Kin-Ball can overcome those barriers and your school can have full involvement in your PE lessons. Book a CDP training event for your school, order a starter pack and your good to go.   

SEND Schools

Kin-Ball is for EVEYONE. The games and sport can be adapted in many ways to suite all abilities. Having introduced Kin-Ball to many SEND schools, every school so far has been astounded by the results and the effect it has on their children. 

Kin-Ball is a game that can be played by a wide range of abilities at the same time. ‘It’s the most inclusive game I have ever seen’ (Claire Povlotski SGO) 

School games organisers 

If you are school games organiser, we want to work with you on setting up completions in your area. we have had great success running school competitions in conjunction with SGOs and see it at a fantastic method in getting more schools playing kin-ball.