Coach Education

Coach education is at the heart of our objectives, we want as many PE teachers, Sports leaders, Club coaches to be training in Kinball. for more and more competition we also need trained umpires. 

Below is our current coach education pathway:

Certification Duration Award Age Range Ideally For
Kinball UK Leaders Award 3hr Kinball Leader Award 15yrs+ Sports Leaders High Schools – Uni students
Kinball UK Teachers Award (Kin-Ball Ambassador) 6hr Kinball for Teachers Award 17+ Teachers & Uni Students
Kinball UK Level 1 Coach & Umpires award 2 Days Level 1 in Coaching and Umpiring KINBALL 17+ Open Entry
L1 Umpires Award 1 Day Kinball Umpires Award 15+ Must have Leaders Award
Kinball UK L2 Coaching Award 2 Days Level 2 Coaching Kinball 17+ Must hold L1
Kinball UK L1 & 2 Coach & Umpire Award 3.5 Days Level 1 & 2 Coach with Umpire Award 17+ Open Entry
Kinball Level 3 Level 3 Coaching Award 17+ IKBF Delivery
Kinball level 4 Level 4 Coaching Award 17+ IKBF Delivery

Leaders award – Teachers’ award (Kin-ball ambassador)  – Level 1 coach – Level 2 coach – umpires award 

 Level 3 & 4 would mean a trip to Canada at the home of the IKBF, or PJ the head to come to the UK